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Our workflow

Our approach is different for every project, because every project has different requirements. This is the general guideline of how we work.

1. Give us a call and meet face-to-face

We might live in the digital age, but personal communication is still the best to exchange ideas. Call us on +31-6-12093940 or email us at info@bluebrainit.nl and we will set up a face-to-face meeting.

2. Set up a budget and goals

In our experience, it is essential to set up short term and long terms longs and the according budget. Based on this information we create a plan for your project.

3. Prototyping

We understand that your ideas are ideas. And that they develop and change throughout the process. That is why we want to create a tangible prototype a.s.a.p.

4. Development & Testing

Then we start realising your ideas: the development. This is continuously alternated with testing. Everything we build, we test right away.

5. Publishing

At last, we put everything online and make it accessible by everyone, everywhere.