Web & App development

Tailored software for small and medium enterprises

Examplatory applications

Company software

Have custom company software for your company’s unique processes.


Creating a webshop based on WordPress and similar CMS.

Multilingual websites

Design focused websites with content in multiple languages.

Combining data sources

Have a dashboard with statistics based on many data sources.

Payment options

Integrating payments method from your bank or a third party.

Cloud based software

Tailored software in the cloud to back up your company processes.

Linking to third parties

Connect your software to third party software, databases and more.

Coding languages

Applications build

API's implemented

How to ensure success

Mutual understanding is key.

IT is used by many, understood by few. In order to create good working software, we will need to understand each other’s dialy workflow and its possibilities and bottle necks. That’s why we first prioritize understanding what you do, how you do it and what needs to be done. Then we will explain the IT possibilities and how further development progresses. Doing this will guarantee success!

In-house lead developers

How an app is structured, is up to the developer. There a million paths that lead to success. Losing your core developers, will make it hard for other developers to catch up and take over. That’s why projects are lead by our own people.

Building with future-proof tech

No idea where to begin?

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