Welcome to the team!

Driven by our culture.

We love to work

Eager to learn

In addition to having a specialty, we encourage our employees to keep learning more about their own field, but also about unrelated fields.

Work hard, play harder

We acknowlegde the importance of having healthy, active life outside of work. It is our ambition to create social events for friends and family and create a greater Blue Brain social circle.

The goal in mind

Blue Brain aspires to be more than just an employer, we guide everyone to reach their goals at both work and in their personal lives.

Driven by life.

Life is all about experiences. The ups and the downs. In the future, you have to look back your life with a smile thinking "I'm so glad I did that!".

With that picture in mind, we are creating our unique culture.

Job vacancies

We are currently defining the jobs necessary for our exponential growth. We will post them as soon as we are finished!