Data science en Machine Learning


Algorithms are lines of codes that solve problems according to predefinied requirements. To make algorithms work, we need data. And a lot of it!

The results of an algorithm can lead to more insight into your organisation, clients or your market. These insights give your company the information to suit better to your client's needs.

Automate. Anything done twice, is done once too many.

Discover. Leverage data science to find new opportunities .

Predict. Know what to expect.


  • Resource distribution

    Assigning human resources to physical location, reducing travelling time to the minimum for each person.

  • Link between software

    Some software have a hard time communicating with each other. By developing so-called middleware between your software, you can have an overview of all your software in one.

  • Revenue prediction

    Predict revenue based on a large number of factors.

How we work


Mapping important data streams in and around your organisation.

Identifying which of these data streams are relevant can aid in realising your strategic goals.


Precise measuring and recording of information is essential to the analysis and risk profile of the given insights.


Building algorithms to identify data streams.


Clear presentation of insights on your organisation, so that these can be used easily in day-to-day management.

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