Once upon a time in Delft...

Blue Brain was founded in 2015 with the idea to create a company with the ambition to do more than just making profit. Blue Brain is a company with a vision to change society and its people. In broad terms, we think Artificial Intelligence will be at the forefront of making our daily lives more simple, pleasant and productive. Together with the brightest minds at the TU Delft and around the world, we aim to establish intelligent and automated processes which allow companies and societies to thrive.

Meet the brainiacs

Engineers at heart. Business in mind.

Everyone at Blue Brain has great affinity with IT and technology and that affinity is something we love to share with everyone. Everyday we work with enterprises and public organisations to increase their intelligence and find improvement opportunities in their daily processes. These opportunities are complex to find, but very much possible with our knowlegde and experience. Besides that, we design and build kick-ass software products. So no matter your interest, if you need smart digital solutions, please contact us via this form.

Driven by ambition. Guided by knowlegde.

De Blue Brain cultuur wordt gekenmerkt door ambitie, kennis en de wil om daar iets mooi me te maken. Ongeacht onze ervaring, blijven wij de dromen over meer. En om die dromen in de toekomst te verwezelijken blijven onszelf ontwikkelen en verdiepen in onze expertise en van onze klanten.