Bring your business to life.
AI powered Business Analysts for Small- and Medium Enterprises

KPI blueprints, real-time dashboards and your personal business analyst powered by AI.
Built by engineers at heart, Blue Brain's turnkey solutions bring actionable insights and automated workflows into your company and onto your phone.

Our promise? To immediately create value by making work more insightful, pleasant and productive.

Extending the impact of Business Intelligence

Blue Brain's turnkey solution helps you define, measure and drive performance on the value drivers at any point in time by providing actionable insights and automated execution when possible.

Accelerate growth

Experience the power of being in control with real-time data, internally or externally gathered, to give your company the edge needed to win another customer.

Increase ROIC

Increase return on invested capital by eliminating waste through actionable insights generated by real-time dashboards and effectively communicate value adding actions to the right people.

Become future-proof

Increase your speed and ability to serve future needs of loyal customers in a digital world moving at the speed of light. No more guessing, start developing relevant products and services today.

A powerful combination of products

Experience the feeling of on-demand insights and automated execution by intelligent processes. Our Brainiacs will assist you in defining your company KPI Blueprint, crunch your data to gather insights and implement your personal Business Analysts to automate simple, yet time consuming tasks to generate value.

Performance Blueprints

Understand what metrics create value for your customers and business. Our Brainiacs will visualize their relationships and determine which people drive performance on each metric.

Real-time dashboards

Quickly view your most critical insights as they evolve every day. Additionally, our smart dashboards will assist your employees in thinking ahead to solve problems before they happen.

Personal Business Analysts

Tired of checking whether things are progressing? No worries! Consider it checked. Ask your personal business analyst. He will let you know when somethings up and execute tasks as you decide.

Meet Emma, your personal Business Analyst

Hello world.

Hi, my name is Emma. I will make your problems simpler, alert you on value opportunities and execute tasks for you. Chat with me on your computer or phone and I will get on it right away. Let's get to know each other!

Tailored to your interests


Give shape to continuous value creation in a shorter period


  • KPI Blueprints
  • Data-Driven Answers
  • Automated Reporting
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Escape the hassle of daily issues and maintain clarity on the way forward


  • Automated reporting
  • KPI Blueprints
  • Role-specific Targets
  • Actionable Insights
  • Accurate Answers
  • Cash flow prediction
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Take the best from business to serve your citizens better


  • Value stream mapping
  • Discovering IT opportunities
  • Custom software solutions
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What we call intelligent acceleration

Redefine the way your organisation works and scale your business based on a blueprint which focuses your limited resources where they are needed most.

Automate. Anything done twice, is done once too many.

People are too valuable for routine tasks. Start today using Blue Brain business analysts to quit wasteful activities.

Build. Our ability to create is what makes us unique.

Easily plan, build and deliver solutions for your customers with the support of online communication.

Discover. Leverage data science to find new opportunities .

Receive role-specific, actionable insights from your personal analyst in order to improve performance on key value drivers.

Predict. Know what to expect.

Based on available constraints and historical data, receive suggestions on how to improve performance in the future

The evolution of processes

Digital technologies that drive value

Cloud Analytics

Conversational Bots

Internet of Things