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Communicate and feedback

It is essential to communicate frequently and give productive feedback on the application in progress, so keep confirming that we are going into the right direction. That is why we have an mobile app to check what has been done, is in progress and what is about to be done. Moreover, we personally contact you every now and then to keep you update. That’s what we call service!

The four development phases

IT and its development remains a great mystery for many. So here a short, but accurate explanation in layman terms.

1. Mutual understanding

An cloud based application can be your best partner in realising your goals. However, these goals should be well defined. Both current and potential future goals. It’s hard to build a flat on a foundation built for a house.

2. Process structure and design

After we understand your goals, we have a complete picture in our minds of an application that presumably matches your goals.  We write down the processes and create an image of the application as we have it in our minds to really confirm whether we are on the same track.

3.1 Development

Then it’s time to start building and start seeing the application be built, line by line. This phase is closely connected to testing. 

3.2 Testing

Each time we have added new features during development, we will ask you to test the features and give feedback on the workings and suggest additional options.

After your feedback, we go back to development if the application is unfinished. If it is finished, we go to deployment.

4. Deployment: going live!

Development is like cleaning your housing: to make things better, you first have to make things worse.  This will result in the application in development not working at certain stages. This is why every now and then we deploy a completely working version of the application to the ‘live online’ server. There the working application can be accessed by whom you want.

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