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We define Cloud software as applications or software that can be accessed through internet. Example of cloud software are consumer platforms such as AirBnB or business software such as SalesForce.

Revolutionairies as AirBnB, Amazon and Uber have changed the way we define platforms.

These new implementation of online software can fill the need in the aDeze nieuwe implementatie van online software kan een gat in de markt vullen. Blue Brain IT has specialized in these platforms. With our combination of user-orientated approach and less-is-more thinking we will build your platform, custom-made, from the first line of code./p>

Fast prototyping with vision

Platforms can be very expensive to fully develop. That is why we promot creating MVP’s, minimal viable products, so you can test quickly how your potential users interact with your ideas. As soon as the concept is validated, we can apply the necessary changes to make the platform optimised, 100% secure, and optimally user-friendly for now and for the future.

Business and supply chains need to work more and more seamlessly and that can be done by connecting software.

Blue Brain IT can help you in creating this component in the middle: better known as middleware.

Experience with

  • Connecting to payment clients, e.g. PayPal, IDeal, etc.
  • Social media integration
  • Accounting software integration
  • And many more.
Giguru Scheuer

Giguru Scheuer

Software developer

“For enquiries or advice on your ideas, please contact me directly at giguru@bluebrainit.nl

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