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Business Intelligence

Clear, data driven consulting and implementation

A few things we could do

Centralise data

In many cases, the data is there, but it is not used to support decision making with clear business logic.

IT Infrastructure renewal

There are a lot of new technologies out there and many of them rise and fail. We can consult on which technology is future-proof and works for your organisation.

Real-time dashboards

Quickly view your most critical insights as they evolve every day. Additionally, our smart dashboards will assist your employees in thinking ahead to solve problems before they happen.

KPI blueprints

Understand what metrics create value for your customers and business. Our Brainiacs will visualize their relationships and determine which people drive performance on each metric.

Bart van der Lee

Bart van der Lee

BI consultant

“For more information on what we can offer your organisation, please contact me directly at Bart@bluebrainit.nl

Each company is unique. As is our approach.

BI services is in many cases tailored to the company, because every company does things uniquely.
Therefore, we can best advice you on what we can do for you in person.

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