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IT development & Business Intelligence

Digital services for small and medium enterprises.

Web & App Development

Our IT services

Cloud software

Everything we design and develop is build for the cloud, so it can be accessed from anywhere. We can build cloud applications on existing software or from scratch. Whatever suits your organisation best!

Think of platforms like AirBnB or Salesforce. Those are cloud software.

Websites & Webshops

We help you design and develop multilingual websites that you can manage and expand yourself.

Mobile apps

With a mobile app for Apple or Android you can easily let employees do administrational tasks or serve your customers better. 

Consulting on software

There is a lot of software out there and some might be perfect to help you in reaching your organisation’s next goals. Don’t waste your valuable time by searching days and night for the solution. We have the solution for you!

Business Intelligence

Data visualisation and analysis

Experience the feeling of on-demand insights and automated execution by intelligent processes. Our Brainiacs will assist you in defining your company KPI Blueprint, crunch your data to gather deeper insights or back up your decisions with solid numbers.

Performance management 

Understand what metrics create value for your customers and business. Our Brainiacs will visualize their relationships in clear graphs and dashboards whilst determining which people drive performance on each metric.

Process and chain integration

Advice on and execution of automating your processes by combining parts of your company in a centralised location.

Personal Business Analysts

Have a question about your business? Ask your personal Business Analyst and be assured of a quick and sharp answer.


We invest in IT ventures

As Blue Brain we promote creative applications of IT. That is why we invest into IT ventures by building the IT applications for those ventures. This unique approach enables non tech-savvy entrepreneurs to build a business from their ideas.

We can provide your venture with:

  • Online platforms
  • Webshops
  • Mobile applications

Experience in many sectors

From starting entrepreneurs to long established businesses. Our clients have gained valuable tools and actionable insights for building their business around operational efficiency and customer value. 


KPI Blueprints, automated reporting, role-specific targets, actionable insights, accurate answers.

Healthcare organisations

Every medical professional should arrive on time without delay. Punctiality, smooth administration and precision is key.

Start ups

We know start ups are in their defining phase. We recognize the need to change from day to day.