Algorithms Data science en Machine Learning

Automate. Anything done twice, is done once too many.

Now that we have IT, people are too valuable for routine tasks. Start innovating by automating all routine tasks!

Discover. Create new markets by using data science

Algorithms can do more than just optimize your current business processes. They can find new business opportunities. Let a data scientist look at your data and find new client and markets.

Predict. Know what to expect


  • Resource distribution

    Assigning human resources to physical location, reducing travelling time to the minimum for each person.

  • Link between software

    Some software have a hard time communicating with each other. By developing so-called middleware between your software, you can have an overview of all your software in one.

  • Revenue prediction

    Predict revenue based on a large number of factors.


Research costs

In many cases, we know how to solve your problem. In other cases, we have a feeling where we could find the solution using certain technologies and that is fantastic! Because then we are innovating! The research costs are therefore not fixed and need to be estimated for each case.

Service fee

Algorithms are very useful and take a big role in your company processes. Algorithms are also intellectually sensitive, so we keep the algorithms running on our service and you can use that algorithm using either your existing company software or we will create a little program for you. For this use and hosting of the developed algorithm a service fee is required.

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